Sunday, November 3, 2013

Postcards from Paris: An Afternoon Walk

We spent last Saturday walking around Saint Germain, the Latin Quarter, and the Ile Saint-Louis, visiting our favorite shops but mostly enjoying the streets with their elegant architecture and creative shop windows. We walked about eight miles, fueled by eclairs in unusual flavors and my all-time favorite street food, Nutella crêpes.

Pistachio eclairs (minus two) and more at the Eric Kayser bakery

Stuffed bunnies and birds in the window at Deyrolle, the taxidermy and naturalist's shop

Painting supplies, artistically arranged

Street entertainer. How does he do it? His right leg and torso move freely.

The Abbey Bookshop, for English titles

Old books and prints in one of the many booths along the Seine.

Ralph Lauren makes a splash across from the Seine

Just one among hundreds of ritzy little candy shops, doing its thing

An unusual flower shop


  1. I was totally mystified by street performers in Rome until my engineer Husband pointed out the tricks. I'm sure that there is a support system under that guy's pants. But still quite a feat to hold that position for hours - tricks or not!

    So jealous that you got to hop over to Paris in the fall. Someday I will too. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures in the meantime!

  2. It must feel so good to be able to say that you have favorite shops in Paris!


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