Monday, November 4, 2013

Postcards from Paris: Along the Seine

We're typical Paris tourists — always taking photos of the Seine, its picturesque tour boats, and the striking buildings along its banks. We enjoyed some golden afternoon light and warmth during our Saturday walk; Sunday was stormy and cooler. But the weather sometimes changes in a few moments in Paris, and we enjoyed some dramatic sunlight on Sunday, too.

The Seine never looks sparkly and blue as the Charles does at times. It's often a murky shade of green, brown, or gray. But it hardly matters in the midst of so much beauty.

The base of a lamp post on the Pont Neuf.

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  1. Wow, nice photos. Someday I would love to travel abroad again. In the mean time I so enjoy your travel photos. Maine, Boston, France..... And I love your kitties, so those photos are enjoyed too.


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