Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Postcards from Paris: A Little Louvre Grandeur

We spent part of a rainy Sunday at the Louvre:

Of course, the sun came out as soon as we were inside:

I love the contortions and facial expressions of these seated figures, who seem to have had enough of their museum visit. As we toured the galleries, we saw they were not alone.

We visited Napoleon III's apartment. Not too shabby, but he seemed to have a one-track mind about color schemes and lighting:

Don't high ceilings do a wonderful job of making a room seem bigger?

Imagine dozens of gorgeously dressed ladies and gentleman milling about this room, once upon a time, perching on flocked-velvet chairs, fluttering fans, discreetly checking their iPhones... oh, wait.

Meals were clearly quite a party, but Napoleon didn't have to also entertain his guests in his kitchen or let them join in the prep. If you ask me, the open-kitchen-as-entertainment-space idea needs some rethinking. I certainly don't want guest to see what goes on in MY kitchen sometimes.

We visited the Assyrian collection, and decided that Boston could use some of these monumental, benevolent figures:

I'd never carry my own lion this way, but that cat seems okay with it.  

Don't the bulls have wonderful faces?

You can't tell from this photo, but these bulls have five legs. Just because they can.

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