Saturday, November 16, 2013

Urban Wildlife: Bobby the Pig in Vermont

Bobby, Boston's best-known (and possibly only) teacup (?) pig surprised us in front of Bentley's Restaurant in Woodstock tonight. I occasionally see him making the scene on Newbury Street and recognized him instantly from down the street, in the dark. 

He attracts admiring attention everywhere he goes. Tonight he was grunting away and showing off his immaculate porcine physique to several new fans. I have the feeling he knows he is a celebrity and is politely tolerating us paparazzi. His (equally elegant) person persuaded him to turn and give me this dashing profile shot.

I am now overcome with guilt for having had local maple-cured bacon for breakfast at the inn this morning and Vermont smoked ham in my crêpe yesterday. We're about to go to dinner at the Skunk Hollow Tavern in Brownsville, and there'd better be something vegetarian on the menu. And it will be granola for breakfast tomorrow. So sorry, guy.

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