Saturday, December 14, 2013

Behaving... Badly

All the cats are still alive and apparently healthy. Everyone seems to have stopped trying to eat the tree and do themselves in. No one tried to climb it, as far as we know. For the most part, they seem bored with it. So it's time for Step 2: putting on the lights, to see if anyone decides to chew on those. But we're so exhausted from Christmas shopping and eating Parisian hot dogs at Petit Robert that we'll be lucky if we manage to get all the boxes of lights and ornaments out of the crawlspace. Tomorrow is another day.

This morning, my husband removed the fabric covering the lid of a little pot of Proven├žal jam (apple with caramel) and Got Ideas. He never tries to put stuff on the cats, and always accuses me of torturing them if I even suggest, say, the little felt reindeer antlers... but this morning he couldn't resist. And Possum obliged by taking it all in stride, giving him a series of stately portraits like this:

Heavy lies the head that wears the jam-pot fabric.

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