Saturday, December 7, 2013

Equilibrium Restored

After a lot of soul-searching, no new kitten entered our lives today. We both came to our senses this morning and realized (yet again) that four cats is plenty in this little apartment — and five might mean all kinds of inter-feline trouble. We gave no weight to the fact that people with more than a couple of cats are considered "crazy cat people" by many others, including people who have more than a couple of children. Talk about crazy and out of control.... Anyway, we do have only a couple of cats. Per capita.

It's just hard sometimes when you love cats and find an extraordinary one looking for a home. We're still feeling sad not to have even met the Cowardly Lion, but meeting him would have made it impossible to resist adopting him. Such a fabulous little fellow will surely find a good home very soon. (If you're interested in him, you can contact Connie via her blog, Tails from the Foster Kittens. And I volunteer to be godmother.)

So Harris will continue to be the baby of this family for the foreseeable, a role he fills to perfection. He is still much more of a kitten than a cat, even at 18 months, and we adore him for it.

Possum is disappointed. He told me he'd like us to get lots of kittens because he enjoys raising them, playing with them, and bossing them around. I assured him there will be more, just not anytime soon. I suggested that he will have more free time this way to devote to his scholarly pursuits. He looked at me as if I were a crazy cat person. I had somehow missed the fact that Possum already knows everything. His education is complete. "Wow," I said. "How's your Cantonese? And can you help me with some differential equations?" He said he was too busy tutoring Toffee.

The resident know-it-all.

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  1. Wendolina-Pantherina contacted me telepathically and wanted me to tell you thank you for not adding to those that Might Want To Kill her. She likes he balance as it is and is sure little B&W kitty will have no problem finding himself a home. I agree with her, he is a cutie pie! Also she said she likes the little boys she has now and she is finally beginning to trust that they are not there to do her in.


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