Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Panning for Gold

The two little devils the night before last.

Came home this afternoon, and found a "safe" cardboard tree ornament (Kitty Cucumber, looks just like Harris, dressed like Buster Brown) on the floor, on the other side of the living room. With its fine 7" long, gold cord missing. Was it Toffee? Was it Harris? Impossible to know who swallowed it from their quiet, innocent little faces.

Arggghhhh! Why didn't I think about those fine little hanging cords? I was just thinking about keeping glass ornaments out of the cats' reach. 

Left a message for our vet and waited for her return call. We've never been to the new cat hospital, which moved from within walking distance of us to about five miles away, in a part of town we never visit. 

Hunted for that cord everywhere, with a flashlight, peering under bookcases that go right to the floor, in the fireplaces, everywhere. No sign of it.

Vet called back and told me to dose Harris and Toffee with 3ml of vaseline three times a day and to scrutinize the litter box for signs of gold. The string may pass without any effects or it cause problems that can be deadly.

For the next week to ten days, we have to watch them both for vomiting, lack of appetite, straining in the box, strange postures, depression, coughing, and signs of pain when we handle them. She said she could do X-rays, which might tell us who ate it, but doesn't affect our watch-and-wait treatment.

It's snowing like crazy, and our car is small and light, with rear-wheel drive. It may be stuck in the ice from the previous storm. We'll give them another dose of vaseline at midnight and decide about the X-rays when we see what the snow is like tomorrow. At the mildest hint of any of the symptoms, we'll call a cab and head to the emergency hospital that's only a couple of miles away.

Oh, fun...


  1. Oh, no! Litter box sifting and excavation the week b4 Christmas...um...fun? Not. These two certainly keep you on your toes! I wonder if Santa knows of their antics?? I hope they aren't too sad when only Miss Wendolyn and Professor Possumiquatti get cat nip this year! (sorry professor, I may have brutalized the spelling of your stately name)

  2. The new place is also a short walk (~3 blocks) from Forest Hills although the sidewalks may be more tramped flat than shoveled. Go out toward the upper busway and just keeping walking in that same direction. The cat hospital is in the first building you see, on the same side of Washington as the T station.

    1. Thanks! It's a surprisingly long hike to the 39 bus from our place, but if I ever have to do it, now I know that I can — with one cat, anyway. Thank goodness Possum doesn't weigh close to 18 pounds anymore!

  3. We'll all be waiting to hear - do hope it shows up Somewhere Soon, to give you some peace. Little buggers. So pretty, though, those kids.

  4. Had a thought....Could the gold string still be on the tree somewhere???

  5. Boy, I wish. But the little hole at the top of the ornament is intact and its knotted cord is nowhere to be found, although I keep looking. So the whole thing came off the tree, and then the cord got chewed off by Somebody.


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