Monday, December 9, 2013

The Annual Holiday Card

Every year, my husband and I send out Christmas cards that I design, with a [cat] photo on the front, a collage of [mostly cat] photos elsewhere. Inside, I write a little news or choose a suitably Christmasy passage from a favorite book or poem. For years, we both designed books and brochures for extra income. We produced most of our projects with a printing company in Charlestown, and we became friends with the owner. So he'd print our Christmas cards for free, ganging them up with similar jobs.

Time has passed: we are both out of the design business, our printer friend sold his company, people send out fewer holiday cards, and printing is expensive. But we still have dozens of friends and relatives who like to exchange cards. And we still have plenty of cats to show off to those friends. So I design our cards using iPhoto now, and they arrive in neat little boxes a few days later.

By October, we're looking for our cover shot. This year, we asked the cats to submit their best pictures showing a book and a pair of reading glasses. We never heard a peep from Wendy, as expected, but we did get a couple of good prospects — and some duds. I won't show you the photo we picked until closer to Christmas, but here are some others. I think you'll have no problem determining which category they fell into:

Possum's glasses came off and he is kicking the book because he'd rather read A Christmas Carol.

Toffee doesn't care what he reads as long as he can chew on the glasses.

He looks fantastic in those glasses but you'll never see proof of that.

Harris works the hardest to become the star of our Christmas card. Although he is usually our most photogenic feline — the only one who knows he has to hold his pose until my shutter clicks — this time he failed by overdoing it. This is his impression of Alastair Cooke introducing Masterpiece Theatre. A clever idea (it was Possum's), but we thought he looked more like William F. Buckley.

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