Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tidings of Discomfort

We call this cat bed "The Cozy." It's nice and soft, the perfect size, and it has a pressure-sensitive, low-temperature heating pad that makes it nice and you-know-what. I wouldn't mind spending some time in there myself.

But not Possum:

 Does he look comfortable? Or is he acting like a martyr for some reason?

Let's examine him from a couple more angles, to be sure:

Ow. Very awkward. Martyr.

I don't what he was trying to prove because he wasn't talking this morning. Perhaps he was trying to silently indicate that the cat bed is available for any needy cat we'd care to adopt and bring under his tutelage. But if he's not talking, I have no comment, either. I'd love to have another furry body around here, but cooler heads say it's a very risky (and expensive) idea. 

We went out this evening and came home to this:


  1. Where did you get a pressure sensitive heated pet bed!!! My old guys, Ross and Freddy, would have LOVED such a thing. These days you can't even find a heating pad that stays on, they are all on internal timers and shut themselves off after so many minutes.
    I am glad Possum finally took advantage of "the Cozy"

    1. We put this together ourselves about three years ago. We had the two-way pet bed (it can be a bed, as you see, or the top pops up to make a roof and walls, with a sherpa floor) and we added the heating pad after our vet told us we could get one on eBay. It's made by K&H. I just checked and, unfortunately, I don't see anything like it now, although there are other K&H products on eBay.

  2. Thank you for the info. That is the same problem I found...they don't make heating pads like they used to. bummer. I hope Possum appreciates his "Cozy".


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