Tuesday, December 31, 2013


This should be a ponderous post about past pleasures and predicaments and potential promises of improvement for the New Year, but the heck with that.*  The cats got TOYS for Christmas. I put them on my Amazon wish list and my family and husband kindly indulged us all. And we have been having good times. 

Everyone likes this sturdy Nylon Fun Tunnel.  If your cat likes a paper bag, try one of these. It has an opening in the middle, where there's a yellow pompom hanging from a thick cotton cord. Toffee hasn't eaten it. Yet.

The tunnel travels all around the living room. Here's Harris emerging from 
the opening after relocating it one more time. It collapses, so it's easy to store. 
But when will the cats give us a chance to do that?

The tunnel matches Toffee's coloring.

Playing with a catnip ravioli and pretzel, great presents from their aunt.

They also got the Bergan Catnip Hurricane Toy:

You put catnip in the top reservoir. They pulled off the cover and ate a lot of it.

Toffee politely waits for his turn.

One of our cousins, a cat lover on Long Island, sent us a homemade cigar with homegrown catnip. It was very potent and has since disappeared:

The cats' auntie in Pennsylvania always sends good toys. Here's a giant orange catnip knot with no parts that can be chewed off and swallowed:

Santa also brought some new attachments for their Neko Fly pole toy: They love this Kragonfly, which is a big, wiggly bug with plastic wings. I wish you could hear Harris growling as he  clamps his mighty-hunter jaws around it:

This is only some of their haul: they also got a Bergan Turbo Track, a new Super Da Bird and lots of little catnip toys, not to mention all the usual Christmas boxes, bags, and tissue paper that they turn into toys. Then they have a whole Christmas tree to attack. Most of all, Harris and Toffee love biting off its branches and dragging them all over the house.   

My camera has been misbehaving once again, which is why these photos are not great, taken with my iPhone. It decided to start working again, on a whim, two days ago, so I have my favorite toy back, too.

*I'll just say I'm resolved to do 16 military pushups in the living room of our new address by next December 31, if not many months before.

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