Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wreath-Making: Day 2

We're halfway through the Back Bay Garden Club's annual December fundraiser, and the walls of the church's courtyard are covered in gorgeous wreaths waiting to be picked up or delivered. Soon we'll all be spotting our handiwork on neighborhood doors. (And some of us won't be able to resist primping a bow or rearranging a pinecone or two.)

I am exhausted. I worked from about 9:30 to 7:30; I haven't worked that hard since this time last year. My back, neck, and shoulders are stiff, my fingers are a mess, and I have a headache. I am glued to the sofa with a heating pad. I had peanut butter crackers for supper because I was in no mood to wait for something to heat up.

But tired as I am, I'm happy. I had so much fun today. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is the embodiment of the Christmas spirit, albeit in a businesslike and hard-working fashion.  Everyone works steadily but stops briefly to ooh, ahh, and compliment a finished wreath. I try to keep learning and improving as I study the beautiful work everyone else is doing all around me. And there's food! Plenty of wholesome and unwholesome food (and Diet Coke) to keep us going morning to night. 

As usual, I have to believe these looked much better in reality than in photos, but here's my output: 

Burgundy bow with gold accents. I'm not sure where this will be going because
we had a little mix-up with the order. But someone will end up with it and I hope they like it.
As you can see, I am too lazy to crop my photos.

Oh, dear, I can't remember a thing about this wreath, which is why I take photos. It looks like lall-natural accents were requested along with that plaid bow, which I didn't pick out. I see that I loaded it up with beautiful, fresh holly that arrived today. But if you showed me this wreath out of the blue, I wouldn't recognize it as mine. I must be very tired....

These were made for a South End customer who requested me, because I did her wreaths last year. I don't know her and no one could remember her wreaths. But we know she wanted them to be: "Preppy, Ralph Lauren-y, and Christmasy, with plaid and gold, and a dog sitting by the fire." Here's hoping these fill the bill. Just add dog and fire.

This will hang on a door under a long awning on Beacon Street. Because the customer requested a gold bow and all-natural materials, I used huge pinecones and loud purple eucalyptus sprays so the wreath has a chance of being seen from the sidewalk. And I sneaked in some gold "berries" to complement the bow.

At this point, I was bored with putting the bow at 12 o'clock and veered off center. This will hang on a Comm. Ave. door and I wanted it to be visible for passersby despite being limited to all-natural materials. Those big pinecone clusters should show up. I have many tiny puncture wounds from the rose hips' thorns, but I liked how they match the bow. 

I'm going to bed. The cats have been severely neglected for two days, and, from the way he keeps staring at me, I can tell that Possum is gearing up for a lecture. I just hope he doesn't decide to deliver it before it's time for me to wake up. Good night!

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  1. oooh, the one with the gold bow.. darn.. I'm never going to be able to pick a favorite.. I'm kinda glad I'm not actually shopping for wreaths.. but just dreaming :)


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