Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wreath-Making: Day 3

We're coming down the home stretch, but there are still more than 76 wreaths to decorate tomorrow, which is about 30 more than there should be, and many more than we can probably handle. A number of our usual wreath-making tribe are ill or out of town, and we are feeling the effects. In fact, I'm a little worried that I'm going to be back in the basement on Friday.

But, as Miss O'Hara said, I can't think about that now. I'll think about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. (Probably another very long day.)

Today I spent ten hours working on seven wreaths. I also had breakfast, lunch (pizza) and dinner (turkey soup, bubbling on the church's stove). Then I spent another half-hour cleaning up the horrific mess I'd made of my work area. I don't think of myself as a slob, but I suppose I should. I'm all set to get to work tomorrow, where I have the daunting task of copying a very elaborate wreath one of us made a few years ago; the customer sent us a very bad photograph. It's not my style and will require too many gold pinecones, glass balls (and other materials we ran out of on Monday) for my taste, but I will figure it out. And I do love hanging around in the alley with my can of spray-paint.

Here are today's wreaths:

Customer picked out the beautiful bows and wanted all-natural materials. We knew she loves holly, so I went to town with two varieties, plus cut-pinecone "flowers."

This is one of my rare indoor wreaths. It's also one of my rare large wreaths, and a very rare, no-bow wreath. I seem to be doing all of the "no bows" this year, since no one else likes doing them. I prefer to avoid indoor wreaths because dried flowers are delicate and I tend to break them. I used roses, proteus, rose hips, lotus pods, pinecones, some sort of dried purple berries, and a lot of swearing. The customer keeps it around for months, so it couldn't be Christmasy. She found me later and said she loved it and thanked me. Phew! 

This was for one of of my favorite clubwomen. She picked the bow and requested all-natural, outdoor materials. Those red berries are holly. One of our members donated a ton of it, but the leaves were in bad shape, so we cut them  off to get spiky branches. Those pinecones are fused together, and are very "sculptural" and fun to use.

This indoor wreath was supposed to be "manly," for a customer who wanted only "pinecones and pods, no flowers or grasses." And a red bow. I made sure he got pinecones and pods, and added holly and rose hips to complement the satin bow. In my photos, this wreath looks oval, so I will find it tomorrow morning and make sure it's okay. None of us noticed, but it may need fluffing or a trim.

Finally, I was assigned a pair of "designer's choice" wreaths, meaning I could use anything I wanted. Some decorators do lots of these but I hadn't had free rein to pick bows and materials for a year or two. These will hang down the street from us. I was tired of red, plaid, and holly, so I picked green. The pinecones have a natural golden color, and I used blue spruce and chartreuse cedar for texture. For glitz, there are matte green glass balls, little gold glitter branches tucked here and there, and sprays of gold "berries" on wire — they look great every time they're used, and I should have hoarded more of them. We are getting low on lots of the best materials at this point.

Then I went home and took my boots off. And now I'm going to bed.


  1. Wow, those are beautiful!! I would have such a hard time choosing between no bow and green bows as my favorite!

    by the by, he is still looking for a home...

  2. WOW, the last 3 posts have some of most beautiful wreaths I've ever seen. Really stunning. Puts me in the Christmas mood just looking at your pictures. What's your secret? bountiful supplies, sturdy forms, a wonderful imagination? Very impressive and quite inspirational. I know what I'll be trying this weekend. Thanks!

  3. I really like the wreaths with the green ribbons. Good eye.



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