Friday, January 3, 2014

A Bad Day for Christmas Spirits, Part I

This morning we caught Harris tiptoeing across the mantel, which I'd covered with fir boughs, lights, glittery pinecones, and my collection of glass spheres and paperweights. Those had been brought out of safekeeping because I figured no cat of mine would be crazy enough to try to get up on such an overdecorated mess of a mantel. 

Silly me. While calling him terrible names, we were also laughing and grabbing our cameras. Everything except a branch or two survived, but it was still a Harbinger of Bad Things to Come.

But before I get started on that grueseome subject, I need to tell you that it's COLD! We didn't leave the house today, so I won't be posting any charming Back Bay snowscapes for now. I was expecting a lot more snow than we got, which looks like a measly 8 or 9 inches from our drafty windows. The more interesting numbers are the temperatures. It's 5 degrees tonight, but it feels like -22 degrees because of the wind chill. It's been like this all day, and that's why we stayed in. 

Our bedroom thermometer reads in the low 60s, even though the thermostat is set much higher. Our new, super-warm, super-light down comforter is working like a charm, at least, although I still get "cold flashes" for the first hour or so that I'm under it. But by morning, its warmth and mine make it very difficult to get up and put my feet on our cold floor. And today, I wish I hadn't.... 

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