Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Casting Call for Sunday

It's not too early for all of us transplanted Pennsylvanians to start searching our neighborhoods for a reasonable groundhog facsimile. Sunday will be here before we know it. (I read somewhere that there's also a football game on Sunday but no one here in Massachusetts seems to know any more than that.)

Since my personal inventory of groundhog impersonators is larger than it was last year by 25 percent, I decided to start my casting call today, to allow plenty of time to consider the field of candidates, choose a prospect, and make sure it understands how to perform to Pennsylvania standards on Sunday morning.

We held some auditions on the sofa and others on the mantel:

There are no calico groundhogs, never. This one is also scared to death of just 
about everything, possibly her own shadow. "Thanks so much, we'll call you...."

With that little pink nose, this one looks more like an Easter Bunny than a groundhog. 
It also took a nap during its audition. Next!

While this one's coloring is good, it looks a little too... presidential to pass as a groundhog.

This? I don't think so. There are no black-and-white groundhogs except in old movies. 
This one also couldn't find Pennsylvania on a map and ran under a chair when I played 
The Pennsylvania Polka, the official Groundhog Day theme song. Deal breaker. Next!

So that left this Possum as our best local rodent facsimile. He has Punxsutawney Phil's 
pear-shaped physique, for starters. He doesn't object to polka music. And he has experience. Winner!


  1. This picture of Lion is precious!

  2. I vote for Wendolina Pantherina!! She needs to add to her resume and I think it is time for a change, we need a multicolored "ground hog".

  3. I love the flights of fancy!
    Chuckling, as usual.....


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