Friday, January 31, 2014

Doubtful Guest Still Hanging Around

Lion is still here.... although we continue to think of ourselves as his foster family. We were going to send him to the Kitten Associates shelter earlier this week, but they're having a problem in their kitten room with a recurring eye infection. So until their kittens finish a two-week round of antibiotics, Lion will continue to be a Bostonian. 

He is a perfect guest, really, doing everything he can to insinuate himself into the household and our hearts. He walks around on us purring loudly and licking our faces in the middle of the night. He lies on our laps, he plays, he licks his plate clean. And, lately, he poses:

He helps me with my baking, as Harris disapproves:

He tries to think deep thoughts about Literature, to please Possum, although it's hard for him because he is too little to know how to read:

Our other cats continue to be polite to him but not affectionate. This is the first physical contact I've seen Possum have with him; unfortunately Possy was sleeping and didn't see how happy he made Lion: 

So Lion's story, and our uncertainty, continues....


  1. Lion is certainly a cutie. I can understand why you have been having difficulty in deciding whether to make him a permanent resident. I could see you keeping him if you were in a larger home. Your Monday post explained your current situation very well. I have 2 cats (sisters) in a house and would have liked to add a 3rd, but decided against it at least for now. I just didn't want to upset things.

  2. What a tough thing to be going through. He is the sweetest thing. If he could be adopted internationally I would be happy to fly to Boston and take him home. I don't envy you parting with him. And I am a Dog person (who also loves cats).


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