Thursday, January 23, 2014

Doubtful Guest's Visit Continues

We continue to "foster" the Doubtful Guest, or Lion, as we call him, while we try to make up our minds about whether we can be a five-cat family. He's begun mixing with the other cats, running around the apartment and exploring everything as we keep an eye on him and the others in case of disagreements. Toffee acts as Lion's escort, or bodyguard, trailing him everywhere — unless Lion decides to turn and chase him. Toffee doesn't mind; I think they're friends. There was a lot of racing around today and very little hissing.

Possum has been keeping his distance. He hasn't been washing the kitten's head or doing any of the other proprietary, paternal things he did when Harris and Toffee arrived. It's as if he's waiting for us to make our decision. He gives me appraising stares. I don't think I'm measuring up to his expectations.

Wendy is miserable. At least she's eating. She refused to come for meals for a while after Harris and Toffee showed up. She hisses and growls at all of us, but she is too gentle to do anything else beyond a little half-hearted swatting.

Harris is having some difficulty, too. He loves being the pampered baby of the family. He had to share his play session and favorite Neko Fly with both Toffee and Lion this morning:

And you can see that he isn't very happy about sharing:

We need to make our decision soon. Should Lion stay with us or go to our friend Robin and Kitten Associates? He is a perfectly perfect kitten, snuggly, sweet, and smart. But we already have four cats in 800 square feet. Sigh.


  1. Is he up for adoption if one of your faithful readers should know of someone who might need a kitten in their life about now?

  2. Lion is a doll!! But: (my unasked for 2 cents)...Harry, Wendy and Possum are not happy. Toffee will be fine without Lions company and Lion will get a great home where he can be King of the household.

  3. What a difficult decision. I don't envy you that one. He is so impossibly sweet. Good luck and trust yourself that you will make the right choice for all concerned.

  4. Virginia MorningstarJanuary 25, 2014 at 8:35 AM

    Bigger house = more cats. How's that for househunting motivation?


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