Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Boston's New Year will have a snowy start, with a storm arriving late tonight and lingering into Friday. I'm looking forward to it — partly because true New Englanders think winters should be snowy, but also because I'm taking my first long break from my multi-year, 10,000-step daily walking routine. Slacking off indoors and snowstorms go perfectly together. I'll return to my pedometer and walking habit soon, but not until the sidewalks are clear enough for walking instead of skating. In the meantime, we have plenty of food, reading, cats, and projects to keep us happy inside for a few days.

Ahead of the snow, sub-freezing temperatures have arrived, so I am about to make the bed with our new Level 4 down comforter from Cuddledown. This is their warmest comforter level, designed for people who are always cold when they sleep AND who are crazy enough to keep their bedroom at 55 degrees or below. We keep our thermostat at 75 but our place is drafty, poorly insulated, and much cooler than that. Plus I am a ridiculously cold sleeper; I get cold to the touch when I get into bed and it often takes me a few sleepless hours to warm up despite flannel sheets, a hefty down comforter, a quilt, cashmere socks, and a knitted blanket I wrap around me. So I've been looking forward to this "ultimate" comforter, which we bought on clearance at the Cuddledown outlet in Maine last summer. We were using a less expensive Level 3 in the coldest months. (They tried to talk us out of buying that one, saying we'd roast unless we lived in an unheated cabin. Ha!) But that one is quite heavy, with 3-1/2 pounds of goose down. I wanted a lighter one, but lightness + warmth = very expensive. Our new one usually costs an insane $1,400, but we saved more than a thousand dollars on clearance, and used up some store credit, too. It was an amazing deal. I think it must have been made to order (in Maine) and returned. There aren't a lot of super-cold sleepers like me out there.

Its materials are top-of-the-line, with lots of extremely lofty white goose down and a baffled design so it's nice and plump. But here's the thing: the shell is fine cotton batiste that is so thin and crisp that it crackles! I spread it out to air and puff up before I tucked it into its duvet cover... and it rustles. So we tested it by lying under it and tossing and turning a bit — and found that Toffee had already sneaked under it and was toasting himself by our feet. My husband insists the crackling won't bother him at all, but I remain skeptical. I'm hoping it will become less crackly over time. We'll see how it goes tonight. This place is already chilly, and the storm hasn't started yet. I can't wait.

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  1. PB: when I read through your post quickly, I thought it said ". . . we have plenty of food, reading cats, and projects to keep us happy . . ." I was envisioning the cats taking turns reading aloud while you all sat before the fire as the snow sifted slowly down. Since I'm sure they CAN read, maybe they will. Happy snow and happy new year!


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