Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Harris is pleased with himself tonight. He has reached the pinnacle of expressing his emotions about the Little Lion encroaching on his position as Baby of the Family. So far, he's stolen the only toy Lion brought with him, a beloved red mouse with no tail. How he got it away from Lion while the two were separated by a closed door remains a mystery. Then, as I watched, he stole a green snake that Lion was growing fond of and carried it off, growling, to the bedroom. He also absconded with Lion's collar, which I'd left on my desk. It, too, got carried into the bedroom, with a lot of growling.

This afternoon, Harris pulled his biggest heist ever  — the little fleece blanket from Lion's carrier. His foster mother had given it to us so Lion would have some familiar scents as he settled into our place. Harris had to work to get it free, since I'd just tucked it in tightly. He dragged it the length of the living room and into the bedroom — growling continually in either triumph or in hopes of intimidating the blanket. My husband watched the whole episode in disbelief, without his camera.

The Victim.

Wendy wants to be the Only Child, while Harris wants to be the Youngest Child. And, unlike Wendy, he works hard at it. If he could, he'd pack up Lion's belongings and leave them and him on our doorstep. Harris has grown up to be spoiled and entitled, like so many of America's youth — and that's why we love him so. We have suggested that he do some volunteer work with the underprivileged — i.e., Lion, and perhaps Wendy — so he can develop empathy, selflessness, and kindness. But he refuses.

At least he has run out of things to steal.


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