Monday, January 20, 2014

Inquiring Mind Wants to Know

Yesterday, I heard from my friend Penny that she's been unable to post comments here for some time. Then she helpfully researched the issue for me, and found possible solutions. (Penny is one of the most resourceful and helpful people I know, and she's a fine writer, photographer, animal lover, cook, and storyteller on top of that.) She can leave comments now, so I think we may have fixed the problem.

If you've been having trouble leaving comments, too, please give it another try. I really enjoy hearing from readers. I am also expect to repeat any relevant ones aloud to Possum, who is not the type to become conceited, or at least not more conceited than he already is.

In other news, the Lion got out of his room last night while we were watching "Sherlock," or possibly even "Downton Abbey." Along with the open door, I found Possum doing his best imitation of Lord Grantham as he was pacing around in the kitten's room, pretending the kitten was Branson, I suppose. Harris and Toffee were in the living room, alertly guarding or babysitting the stranger, who was under the sofa. Wendy was there, too, hissing and growling at anyone who would listen.

The Lion dashed back into his room after I shooed Possum out. But then he escaped twice more before we figured out how to wedge a chair under the doorknob. No one was the worse for a little excitement and he was in a playful, snuggly mood after meeting the three boys, which shows that he is brave. They outnumber him and are so much bigger. But it's against the rules, so he's back in isolation... and that's where I'm going, too.

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  1. I have been watching and wondering if you would be able to resist The Most Beautiful Kitten Face Ever (present occupants of your home excepted) (please read that bit with proper emphasis to those present in said home) and your hints about a guest had me wondering, but the temporary bit had me second guessing my own suspicions because, well, how do you let them go once you bring them home (I am not a candidate for fostering - there lies madness (hoarding). With his looks and sweetness and Possum's tutoring, well, there is just so much potential, and, frankly, I will be shocked to see him go anywhere. You really do have such an attractive bunch. You could shoot your own commercials with them - has Possum ever thought about doing something along those lines? They probably pay enough to support rickshaw-type lifestyles. And maybe Wendy could get therapy.


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