Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kitten Time

I heard a lot of hissing and growling as I was lying in bed this morning. I assumed it was Wendy, airing more of her grievances against the Doubtful Guest, aka the Little Lion. Unwilling to get out from under the comforter, I said, "Oh, Wendy, get a grip." More hissing and growling, and I realized it was Harris.

I got up and saw he was parading around with a red toy mouse in his mouth. This was the Lion's favorite toy, which Connie had packed for him.

The Lion is a nice little guy but I don't think he pushed his toy under the office door to share it with Harris. He's also pretty smart and doesn't seem to lose his toys easily; he keeps an eye on them. 

More likely the Tiger Mafia paid Lion a visit, sticking their paws threateningly under the door and using their best Brando accents to mutter the cat equivalent of, "Listen, mister, we'd hate to see some... terrible accident happen to that little mouse of yours. You'd better hand it over to us... for protection." 

I pried the mouse out of Harris's mouth and gave it back to the Lion, who was happy to see it. He is a playful, friendly, occasionally shy and skittish guest. He likes to lick our faces and noses, as he snuggles, kneads, and walks around on us, purring loudly. He's settling in nicely; he just needs to eat more. And learn to stare down the Tiger Mafia.

I'm going to play with him some more before the next installment of "Downton Abbey." (I'm mostly eager to see Edith's dresses and hear more about that amazing electric mixer from the first episode. And I hope Julian Fellowes won't wreck any more Puccini arias, or main characters.) 

I did manage to get better photos today:


  1. He's beautiful. But I'm a little worried by what looks like swelling of his right eye --it's not in yesterday's picture, but is in both of the ones from today. Could he have a little eye infection brewing? Or could he have scratched his eye somehow?

  2. Hi there, thanks for your concern! I've checked his eyes, and they seem just fine; I think I just happened to post two photos where he was blinking. I will keep a close watch going forward, though.

  3. If you don't keep him I want him (no joke!). If only I could find a way to get him to St. Louis. Trying to find long haired kittens in January is proving to be a challenge.


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