Saturday, January 4, 2014

No News, and Just a Little Shopping...

All the cats seem fine, including Toffee. The Christmas tree is in the alley, chopped into little bits. I've seen no signs of blue light bulbs or gold cords. Just more and more pine needles, everywhere, even though I spent the afternoon sweeping and vacuuming.

Our vet was off today so I spoke to her colleague, who cheerfully told me about times when she pulled two feet of twine, and an equally long balloon ribbon, out of her own cat's mouth. He lived to 13, and he never learned. Oh, great, I thought. I'm doomed to eternal vigilance for the next 20 years, if I'm lucky. At least she also told me that we were doing all the right things and that light bulbs and other small objects usually pass through the intestines without incident.

In times of stress, there's nothing like a little shopping to distract and console. And there's no better time to shop online than after Christmas. Garnet Hill is having their usual winter clearance, so I ordered a burgundy cashmere turtleneck marked down to $49 from $148. I have a black one like it and it's perfect. (Given our moth situation, that's the right price for cashmere. And I really shouldn't wear that gray Irish turtleneck every single day.)

Then I checked out Crate & Barrel since I had a 20% off coupon. That made their 50%-off merchandise even more of a bargain. I bought a one-pound tin of Swedish gingersnaps for $1.95. Gingersnaps keep fresh for a long time and soothe a troubled stomach.

I bought little packets of petits fours shaped like snowmen. (I love petits fours and you should, too. They are cake and frosting disguised as bonbons, and they are so small that you feel can virtuous eating them... they are like eating nothing. Almost.)

And then I ordered lots of little pinecone ornaments covered in glittery gold beads. These will fill my beloved apothecary jar (replacing the one Toffee smashed last summer) now that the Christmas ornaments are packed away and it's too early for seashells. I'm a sucker for pinecones, and these glittery ones are much nicer than the spray-painted ones we use for wreath-decorating.

A lot of work goes into making them and they are quite a deal at less than 50 cents apiece. They will look great in a bowl or on the mantel, too, next Christmas — once I cut off all the gold cords (and carefully discard them) in case Someone decides they are cat toys. 

In all, I spent about $20, and felt quite cheered up. Now I just need a little blue bulb and a certain gold cord to reappear in this apartment, and I'll be all set.

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