Friday, January 17, 2014

This... and That

A little surprise will be arriving here on Saturday, so stay tuned for that news. I'll say no more. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

Now, let's talk clothes. I went shopping the other day. I am years overdue for updating my work wardrobe lounging clothes. I spend most of my time at home hanging around, working, reading, and sleeping, and I do all that in pathetic rags. I have a good, substantial burgundy bathrobe, and it's a darned good thing because I have met too many repair and delivery people in it at all hours of the day. But two of my three pairs of pajama pants are 12 years old. They once had different background colors and the same Japanese print; now I can't tell them apart. My "new" pajama pants are 11 years old. For tops, I mostly wear a tee that's older than the pants, or a bouclĂ© sweater that's older than the tee.

At Anthropologie, I found soft, jewel-toned patchwork lounge pants. And then I spotted this, on sale:

It may not look like much, but it is the softest sweater I've ever felt. After I touched it, things happened very quickly. The sweater practically threw itself into my arms and forced me to try it on. Then it unzipped my wallet and handed my credit card to the cashier. Finally, it rolled itself in tissue, crawled into a shopping bag, and slipped the handles over my arm. I truly had no intention of buying a sweater, especially an oversized, synthetic (read "mothproof") cardigan that doesn't close in the front. I'm still firmly against any such idea. But this is some sweater. I read the reviews of it online when I got home and wasn't surprised to see that it had the same effect on other women. It is irresistible.

Admittedly, it has a strange, clumpy texture that reminds me of a matted Bedlington terrier, but that's okay. It's too cozy and warm for trivial details to matter. It only needs a camisole or tank under it because it feels so wonderful. I'll probably never wear it outside the apartment, but it sure beats the crazy-too-big, fleece-lined flannel shirt I've been stealing from my husband for looks and fit.

I think I'm going to have two new work companions for the next 12 years or so. I'm not sure how long we'll have the Saturday surprise.

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