Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sneezing and Snow

Damn. I woke up having an allergy attack and I've been sneezing, sniffling, and itching all day. I often forget that I'm allergic to cats... and to certain trees and ragweed, too. I figured I couldn't get rid of the trees and ragweed pollen in Boston, so there was no point in getting rid of my cats, either. Especially since trees and ragweed pollen are much harder on me. So I went to a series of nice allergy nurses (Mabel, Sheila, Deb...) and got shots for 15 years, and still tested positive for all three allergens despite all those hundreds of injections. But I almost never get symptoms from cats. I can spend hours in a shelter, or have a cat sleep on my head, and feel perfectly fine.

The last time this was a problem was when we were down to two cats, after Snicky and Snalbert died. I've been told I'm desensitized to cats from being around so many all the time. So I clearly needed to increase the density of the dander in the apartment for for my health. So we got Harris and Toffee and I stopped sneezing.

Is it possible that Lion is tipping the balance in the other direction? I have no idea. And I'd prefer not to think about it while I'm so busy blowing my nose.

I'd been holding off on vacuuming because I knew it would freak out the Lion, and, boy, it did. But it was Long Overdue when I finally got down to it today. I turned up a couple dozen toys that had disappeared under furniture, so Lion can have fun times with his favorite red mouse again. If he ever reappears from wherever he is.

I hope vacuuming, dusting down the walls, and lint-brushing the curtains and upholstery will do the trick, along with an Allegra pill. And, oh, yes... steroid nasal spray. I always forget about that stuff until I'm really miserable. Time for that, too.

We still do not know what to do about Lion but he's slowly making friends with the locals. Common sense says we shouldn't keep him. You should see the look on the real-estate agents' faces when we tell them we have four. Common sense isn't everything, as my enabling friends and family tell me.

In other news, it snowed all day yesterday:

I have not left the house since Tuesday. The other day, I pulled a muscle in my back while making the bed — a dangerous activity that should be approached with caution — and I don't relish the idea of walking on slippery sidewalks when a muscle I never knew I had is already complaining about almost everything I do. It doesn't mind if I lie on the sofa and read, thank goodness.

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