Monday, February 24, 2014

Five Things I Liked About February

I guess it hasn't been so bad. And it's not over yet:

1. Twilight scenes like this from our windows. February might as well look like February:

2. Lounging in snowy weather in these Thermal Lodge Leggings from the sale rack at Anthropologie. With that crazy-fuzzy cardigan for more warmth.

3. This charming book by foodie Elizabeth Bard about how she made a new life in Paris after falling in love with a Frenchman. She begins (... and she was not that kind of girl...):
"I slept with my French husband halfway through our first date. I say halfway, because we had finished lunch but not yet ordered coffee." 

4.  The Lindt Crème Brûlée chocolate bar, with caramelized sugar bits in the filling:

5. Olympic skating. I finally regret not having cable, because we missed Johnny Weir and Tara Lapinski's commentary during the day, and only saw their interviews at night. I did a lot of out-screeching Scott Hamilton during jumps over the terrible costumes — especially those with clear-plastic "bra" straps across an open back, and the relentless use of "fleshtone" stretch fabric, the "fleshtone" boot covers that turn skates into Frankenstein feet, and "fleshtone" tights that were several shades darker than the rest of the skater.

Are those jellybeans on her torso? Photo: AP

Ashley Wagner should have won the Tonya Harding Brass Medal for trashiest showgirl costumes. And I will be even more unpatriotic and give Meryl Davis the Aluminum Foil Medal for her Chiclet-purple Scheherazade monstrosity. This gorgeous skater deserves a better costume designer. For a good recap of the Women's Gold Medal Controversy, go here. If you'd rather just diss some costumes, go here.

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