Sunday, February 2, 2014

Local Rodent Facsimile Refuses to See Shadow

It was a disappointing morning for this transplanted Pennsylvanian when her carefully handpicked Groundhog Substitute refused to even think about looking for his shadow — even as "The Pennsylvania Polka" played on in the background.

No, all Possum did was give out dirty looks (he never likes to polka with me) and catch up on some grooming:

As I begged him to look for his shadow, his accomplices Harris and Toffee arrived as if on cue, effectively blocking Possum's potential shadow and soliciting baths for themselves:

So I don't know if we'll have an early spring or not. I guess we should have cast the Little Lion as the groundhog after all. That little guy's been awfully accommodating lately, since he knows he's still only got Foster Kitten status and has only about another week to totally win our hearts.

1 comment:

  1. I think he's already won my heart.


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