Friday, February 21, 2014

Recent Adorableness

It's all about the velvet armchair and its pillow:

Harris has a protégé? 

Harris has been acting strange lately. I think he's trying to become our Household Saint or Angel Pussycat, or similar. He has a pious expression a lot of the time. He is patient and forbearing with Lion, and feeling contrite about stealing all the little dude's stuff. Since Harris doesn't talk to us, he asked Possum to tell us that, although we can't see them, there are tiny angel wings hidden under Harris's fur, and he has a wee halo that humans can't see. Whatever. Saints are a pain to have around the house if you ask me, so he'd better get over this phase quickly. And he will: Harris is very bright and always on to the Next Thing.

Studying greatness.

Unfortunately, His Greatness looks more like one of those floppy beanbag toys in this shot than his usual magnificent self. For Possum these days, life consists of moving occasionally from one sleeping spot to another, with breaks for meals. He is on spring break until spring breaks, he says. No reading, no deep thoughts — only hibernation. He is careful to visit me for a few minutes of petting and conversation each day, unless he falls asleep and misses our appointment.

Showing off.

Ooh, another character. Just what we needed around here. The dangling foot is a nice touch, isn't it? I predict we'll see Harris trying that pose next.

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