Thursday, February 27, 2014


It's hard to lie awake worrying at night when a purring kitten arrives to knead the pillow and curl up under your chin.

Who's rescuing whom around here?

He looks more like a panda than a lion these days (focus on regrowing your mane, guy!), so we are naming him Pandelion. We call him Lion, too — he is as fierce as one when there's a toy in his mouth. He will collect many other names, like all of our cats, of course. 

He's developing into a nice conversationalist, although I'm never sure what he's saying. When I talk to him, he considers my words, and then he looks me in the eye and responds with a tiny pink meow, sometimes a silent one. It's charming. I just asked him if he was a prince, and his answer sounded like "Yes."


  1. Pandelion -- I love it! What a wonderful name for a wonderful little guy.

    Any progress on relations between Pandy and Wendy, or Possum, or Harris, or Toffee?

  2. "Pandalion" to me sounds a lot like Pantalaimon, the heroine's "daemon" (sort of a companion/soul animal) in the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. A quite positive association.

  3. I wish for even one night I could sleep like this precious little one. I keep coming back to this picture because he looks just so darn cute!!

  4. Well, if he says he was a prince, then perhaps his full name should be "Prince Pandelion" :-)


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