Saturday, February 1, 2014

Things to Love about February

Beats me. Got any ideas?

It's all down hill after Groundhog Day, if you ask me.

The Little Lion doesn't know what February is. Lucky fellow.

Forget Valentine's Day. It never did much for me, although we did get engaged over burgers in a bar 17 years ago. My husband figured he had the best chance of surprising me that night, since neither of us liked the holiday, and we were just having burgers in a bar. He surprised me so much that I didn't give him an answer. He had to ask me again the next day.

Anyway, Valentine's Day is not a reason to like February.

Neither is Presidents' Day. Boring! Now, if part of the national celebration involved everyone ordering large layer cakes with "Happy Birthday, George & Abe & Etc." in red and blue icing, I would certainly revise my opinion of this poor excuse for White Sales. In fact, that's not a bad idea at all.

You can only get so much enjoyment from spotting Christmas trees in houses by February. The merriment is overshadowed by worrying about whether anyone's still breathing in there.

The Winter Olympics are a welcome way to waste time in February. We went to the National Figure Skating Championships, which were held in Boston a couple of weeks ago, and saw the free programs in the Pairs and the Ice Dancing competitions. It was great fun, but competitions can be confusing when Dick Button or Scott Hamilton isn't providing the play-by-play. I've seen a lot of skating in my life, but I still can't tell a Lutz from a toe loop, a flip, or a Salchow. (Axels are easier.)

But I do know a few things after absorbing scores of Button/Hamilton discourses since the 1968 Olympics. So I was surprised to see couples whom I considered weak from a technical or creative standpoint, who fell or landed jumps poorly, or who were clearly lacking in energy, or were behind their music, or who skated to themes from Les Miserables (there were about five of those) get better scores than others who looked much stronger to me. But that doesn't mean I won't root for our winners at Sochi. I'll watch all the other sports, too, except hockey. Olympic snow and ice is always a vast improvement over the stuff on local sidewalks and roads. Olympic snow is the way all snow should be: there's lots of it, it stays sparkly and pure, and there is absolutely no way you'll have to shovel it.

February. It's the shortest month but it feels like it drags on until May. I don't hate winter the way many people do. I prefer bundling up in sweaters and a coat to sweating and burning in summer. I'm fine as long as it's not so ridiculously Arctic that my face freezes. But February is just... boorrrrinnnggg.

And March is worse!


  1. I'm excited that we have the Olympics this year. Gives me something to look forward to.

  2. I start watching for the snow drops and crocus to show their greens and begin to bloom around Valentine's Day. Does that help????

  3. Oh, and take a Saturday morning trip to the Wayland Winter Farmers' Market. We did that yesterday. The farmers and artisan food stands are scattered through the greenhouses and surrounded by tropical plants.


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