Friday, February 14, 2014

View from the Bay Windows

We had a snowy day yesterday like most of the East Coast. Here's what it looked like from our windows as we stayed in and I baked cookies:

In other news, I've just discovered I found a photo of my great-grandfather, and now I'm hooked, so see you later.... It's the perfect pastime as we watch the Olympics.


  1. Are you ready to visit our own little treasure trove of ancestry over on Newbury Street?

  2. No, No, NO, No, NO! I do not miss that white stuff at all! And you photos, while beautiful remind me why I am now in Florida. I LOVED living up north. I just could not do the snow. is fun. I found it eating up hours of my time. I guess once you have stuff filled in as best you can (the time consuming part) it gets funner.(is that a real word?)
    Hugs to all your little portable bed and lap warmers, all 5 of them.


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