Sunday, March 9, 2014

And Then There Was This:

Possum does have a sense of humor but he didn't when I took this photo.

In other news, we went back to the second open house of the charming yellow house in Newton. Houses often affect us quite differently the second time we see them. There was a small line to get in as we drove up, and the front porch was packed with shoes people had removed before entering. Inside, there were lines waiting to get into the kitchen and up and down the stairs. In other words, there's a lot of interest in this house and that mean's there will be many high offers and perhaps a bidding war. 

We still admired the house on our second visit but we were daunted by the crowds. I also realized that our ratty, Victorian furniture is probably wrong for the house. It's too "modern." The house currently has mostly contemporary furniture, and it isn't working for me, or for it. I try to decorate to complement, not fight against, the architecture of a room as much as possible. We're not big fans of wing chairs, settles, or piecrust tables, but we'd have to find some common ground to do justice to this house.

We may join the bidding fray, but we are not optimistic. As I mentioned yesterday, the Boston real-estate market is crazier than I've ever seen it. Houses that are priced sensibly, or perhaps a bit high, are selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars beyond their asking price — not just in the fancy, high-priced neighborhoods of Boston and Cambridge, but in (previously) down-to-earth places, like Jamaica Plain. Plus, the sellers of the Yellow House don't want to move before mid August and we would rather move months sooner, to be settled in our new place before the fall semester begins.

I'm beginning to lose my sense of humor, too.

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    I think you'd be a great fit for Newton.


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