Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fire in My Neighborhood

About three blocks away from us, a four-story brick townhouse on Beacon Street went up in flames this afternoon. The fire went to ten alarms as winds up to 45 miles per hour whipped the flames. Two firemen from our local firehouse were killed; they'd been searching for people inside the building. At least 13 other firefighters were hospitalized. This is devastating news in a city that's already had a terrible year. The Boston Police Department declared the site a "crime scene," which suggests arson as a possibility. A sickening, infuriating possibility.

We hear plenty of sirens in this neighborhood but I heard more than usual this afternoon, and then I saw the billowing, dark clouds from our bay windows. I checked the news and went out. I was reminded of April 15, 2014 again — the streets were free of cars and strangely quiet, except for the sirens, and the sidewalks were filled with neighbors and newspeople, much like last April. The smoke was heavy across the neighborhood and it was hard to breathe a block away from the fire.

I always get my local news from Universal Hub, and you can read the story and see photos here.


  1. This is dreadful news, my heart goes out to the families of those brave fire-fighters.

  2. Glad that you and the cats are all okay. There was a strong odor of smoke in Copley when I passed through there last evening, which isn't surprising given how bad the wind was.

    I hate to be an alarmist but do you have a good back up plan to get yourselves and all five cats out in case you ever need to be evacuated?

  3. Fire in an urban area, very scary. Emergency plan for the cats is a great idea!
    I'm downwind of the annual prescribe burns in Sequoia Natl Park. Park Service rarely puts out lighting strike fires anymore. Smells like we live in the middle of a campfire. Fun for a week, not for a summer.


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