Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Just Like Possum

I was sitting in the dermatologist's chair this afternoon, waiting for her to remove the suspicious little growth on the very top of my ear... when I realized I was about to get "TNR tipped." Just like a feral cat who gets trapped, neutered, and returned to the wild. While the cat is still under anesthesia, the vet cuts off the tip of one ear or cuts a notch into it, to prevent another surgery if the cat happens to get trapped again.

I mentioned this to the doctor; she'd never heard of it. I told her about Possum, who is missing almost half of his ear because of an overzealous vet. She promised me she wouldn't take half of my ear, only the tiniest shaving. I was almost disappointed. Possum's chopped ear makes him look like a tough guy. Like it was bitten off in a barroom brawl over whether James Joyce was a great writer.

After the tiny, 10-second surgery, I felt very close to my beloved "feral" feline.

Possum's motto is "Vero Possumus," which translates as, "Yes, we can" (it was an Obama campaign slogan). However, Possum translates it as "Hey, let's all be like Possum."

Given the way he spends his days and nights lying around, recuperating from his four meals, and allegedly thinking deep thoughts while breathing slowly with his eyes closed,  I can see the appeal.

The Great One.

When I came home, I made sure Possum noticed the little bandage on my ear. He gazed at me without blinking his dark, clever eyes.

I'm sure he was pleased, if not moved, by what I will let him believe was a voluntary gesture of solidarity, or perhaps imitation, the sincerest form of flattery.

"Now that was a rather interesting thing to do," he said.

"Vero Possumus, dude!" I replied. And then I fed him dinner so he wouldn't be late for his nap.

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  1. I have to admit that I chuckled a bit at the thought of you being "ear tipped". :)


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