Monday, March 17, 2014

Pick Your Perp

The crime scene, in my husband's office:

A wayward pile of paper gone wrong, you say? Not a chance. There are paw prints all over this mess. My husband claims that paper path, previously perched precariously upon the paisley print, had once been "organized" into some semblance of "order."

Choose your suspect from this lineup:

Possum, alias "Bug-Eyes Maquoddy." Don't let that wide-eyed, "Holy Card" expression fool you.

Toffee "But I'm the DETECTIVE!" von Rottenpot. Note the suspiciously "innocent" gaze.

Wendelina "The Tail" Pantherina. She's usually invisible, and she never leaves a mark. 

Lionardo "But I'm Only a BABY!" Pandelion. 
He may be a baby but he's definitely got the brains, and probably the muscle.

Harris "Boss Tweed" McBeastie. Hmm....


  1. Twas it yesterday? The little people did it! Da or da wind. Twas never my cat pals.

  2. Harris with an uncharacteristic defiant stare! Couldn't possibly have been him...... Could it?!

  3. I think it was the small black and white cat with the incredibly cute pink nose. Look how calm and serene he is in the knowledge that someone else will most likely be to blame....Or, he just wonders what all the fuss was about, the papers were in his way, not his fault,


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