Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pretty as a Picture

Today's house-hunting took us to a condo in a big building down the street; a new townhouse in Central Square, Cambridge; an eighth-floor loft overlooking the Southeast Expressway, and this.... 
Now that's more like it. The house was built in 1848, but it looks and feels like an 18th-century farmhouse, with low ceilings and simple lines in modest, Greek Revival style.

We were charmed by it, inside and out. Then we walked to Crystal Lake, about five minutes away, where people swim in the summertime. Then we went to Bread & Chocolate in Newton Highlands for lunch, which was delicious. Then we walked past the house again to find the Whole Foods, six minutes up the road. And that was the entire grand tour, I'm afraid, except for the Walgreen's beyond Whole Foods. But it might be enough: the Green Line is also a few minutes' walk, and would bring the PB back into her old stomping grounds whenever she chose.

With houses selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars above their asking prices these days, it is foolish to speculate about owning something this lovely, so I will stop. But I wanted you to see it. Can you imagine five cats making themselves at home here?  Or a pedestrian-only city slicker like the PB?

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  1. Yes and yes! What a wonderful find -- it looks just like a house I used to live in that I painstakingly restored before husband and I were recruited to another city. The happiest years of my life were spent in that house (with three dogs, who were roughly equivalent in mass to five cats).

    And sometimes, just sometimes, the right owner recognizes the right _future_ owner, and that takes precedence over mere money…..


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