Friday, March 14, 2014

Scene on the Leather Chair

The other night, I spotted Lion and Harris sharing this chair.
Is it me, or does Harris seem a bit peevish about it?

Harris does seem a bit crabby. He has such an expressive face.
Lion looks shocked at Harris's display of temper.

Then the situation began to deteriorate.

They are not embracing affectionately.

Harris often chooses to act like a martyr, to score points with us. 
Wendy looks on, hoping one brother will murder the other,
thus reducing our cat population. (She doesn't like cats.)

Harris can only be saintly for a few seconds before he's had enough.

Harris has prevailed, keeping Lion at leg's length.
Look at his long-suffering exhaustion.
He's also making sure we notice his tail — about six times bigger than Lion's.

Do NOT touch my tail, dude. 

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