Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Soon, Soon

Who isn't in the mood to think about a summer sundress these days?


It's a little poem. Or maybe it's a prayer.

In a fit of optimism, I ordered this dress from Boden today. It's just what I've been hoping to find for a few years. I couldn't let it get away, so I ordered two while they were still in stock, with 20% off and free shipping. I hope, I hope, I hope they fit me:

They also have a lively vintage print, but I prefer to dress a bit more quietly at my advanced age.

If this dress works out, it may be a partial alternative to shorts, which I may never be sufficiently advanced in years to give up in stinking-hot weather. I know they aren't Proper in the city, so I pretend I'm on Mt. Desert Island, where everyone wears shorts — a Mainer shipwrecked in Boston. Besides, a Proper Bostonian needs to cultivate eccentricities; it's part of the job description. Summer shorts and too many cats are among mine.

Shorts: now there's a thought. Maine: there's another thought. And then there's flip flops, farmer's markets, and the beach....


  1. 4catsonly(formerly 4catstoo)March 13, 2014 at 4:39 PM

    How funny! I have been eyeing that dress myself, in the colors you chose. I am a little concerned about those pleats around the waistband, though. Do let us know how they work out, although you may have inspired me enough to try one myself .Free shipping, after all.

  2. Those are adorable!! I especially like the blue one. Well chosen. I bet they will become summer time favorites of yours. Smart to get 2. I always think I can go back later and get another if I like something only to find out they are all gone.


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