Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Poem!

Lion's Story: 
The Doubtful Guest Who Came to Stay

When we drove up to Maine, it snowed hard all the way,
And we said that the kitten would surely not stay.
We would not be keeping him more than a day,
But more stormy weather kept Robin away.

The Guest settled in without too much alarm,
And only young Harris did him any harm.
He stole the Guest’s collar, his blanket, his mouse,
And dragged these things, growling, across the whole house.

But Toffee was friendly and gave him a bath,
And the Guest’s "Foster Mother" began doing math.
“What’s the difference from three cats to four cats — to five?
If we take in more cats, more poor strays stay alive!

The Guest soon made friends with his people and cats,
Learned to sleep on soft cushions, and purr, and chase rats.
He sat on our laptops, deleted our prose,
And kept us from sleeping by licking our nose.

He learned to mooch food from the other cats’ bowls,
And gently invaded our hearts, and our souls.
He came as our “foster” but we had to say 
We just couldn’t bear to give Lion away.

I wrote this for my husband, to accompany an iPhoto album of Lion that I made for him as a birthday present. (He'd already made me albums for all the other cats for my birthday last summer.) He asked me to post the poem here with a few illustrations. 


  1. What a lovely poem! Was it hard to come up with all the rhymes? Now Lion not only has his own photo album, but a poem just for him--I think you're going to have to work on 4 other poems, you know, just to be fair...


  2. Angie, it took me no time at all. If only I could find a way to use this alleged talent to make my fortune... thanks for your kind words! And, yes, everyone else wants a poem, and Harris wants TWO!


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