Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fools

I toyed with my Facebook friends yesterday by posting this photo and announcing that we were going to give our cats numerical names from now on. So I said this little guy was named "Six:"

Some people knew it was a joke — the friends who watched from the sidelines or tried to help as we agonized about keeping Lion. Some figured that if we were nutty enough to have five, why not six. Some asked if I were serious in varying degrees of disbelief and alarm. And some of my very favorite people jumped right in, congratulating us and asking how everyone was getting along. 

I have to admit that, if we ever did come across a kitten like this one — with that face, those eyes, those giant ears, and that expression — we would have to adopt him. Some of my friends seemed to understand that.

This will be fun to look back on if we ever DO get a sixth cat. Just sayin'....

Besides, we already have a "Kitten Six." That was Wendy's name when she was at the rescue in Swansea. Here she is in her her crate, wearing a darling little cat food mustache that I have never seen since:

The kitten behind her is her brother, who suddenly became ill and had to be put to sleep shortly after we adopted her. I still remember him, and often think of him when I see Lion, since he's also black and white and even looks a bit like Wendy from certain angles.

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