Friday, April 4, 2014

Cat and (Turbo)Mouse

Here's a rare moment when Lion is sitting near my laptop and not trying to sit ON it. I remove him gently from my desk scores of times a day, but I do appreciate his interest in spending time with me. He often ends up purring in my lap for a while. When I deposit him on the floor to the left of my chair, he walks around behind me and immediately jumps up again. "Oh, hi! It's you!" I say for the umpteenth time as he gazes at me with his round, topaz eyes. Lion will have his way and will not be denied.

1 comment:

  1. I say enjoy the affection--to heck with efficiency! My pug used to insist on sitting on my lap as I typed away, and would rest his chin on one of my arms --typing was made much more difficult because of the weight of his head and my own concern for not bouncing him around too much. But what a wonderful gesture…and I like to think my prose was none the worse for the extra effort.


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