Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Late Postcards from Paris

The postcard I sent my sister from Paris just arrived yesterday, while others I mailed at the same time arrived days earlier. It could have been the fault of my poor handwriting, I suppose. Anyway, more postcard posts are here, too. Click on any photo to enlarge:

We often walked by the Seine as the weather was warm and lovely. Usually we are there
in winter or fall. Spring came earlier in Paris; Boston didn't have any leaves when we left.

The elegant staircase at the Gustave Moreau Museum

I admit I was always more taken with Moreau's staircase than with his paintings....

I didn't see any men dressed anything like this. I'll describe what I did see in a future post. 

Paris has plenty of graffiti and most of it is not a bit romantic.
But we thought this, under the Viaduc des Arts, was perfect.

A sleeping beggar and her black-and-white cat.

Beauty everywhere.

Printemps, a jewel box of a department store. 
My husband was all, "Why are we going in here?" Then he saw.

This trip, our jet lag put us onto a very French schedule. We would become comatose 
in the late afternoon and wake up hungry for dinner at 8 or 9, which is when Parisians 
like to eat. So we saw a lot of the city in the evening. On other trips, we'd be back in our 
room  by 9, instead of enjoying a second wind.

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  1. Someday I want to go to Paris with you so you can show me all the great places to go. Not necessarily the ones in the guide books, or at least the best of the book ones. You take GREAT photos.


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