Friday, April 25, 2014

Marathon and Magnolias

For decades, I avoided the Boston Marathon like the plague since I don't like being in crowds and my neighborhood fills with a billion more visitors every Patriots' Day weekend. We usually hole ourselves up in our apartment for most of the day, and listen to the cheers coming from two blocks away. However, after what happened last year, attention had to be paid. So we did what all Proper Bostonians did on Monday, and stood in the crowd to cheer for a while. Long enough to mark the occasion.

Long enough to notice what shiny, healthy hair Marathon spectators have:

More shiny Marathon supporters:

The Real Show this week is the magnolias on the sunny side of Commonwealth Avenue. 

I say the "sunny side" because the shady side of Comm. Ave. has nuthin'. You have to trust me on this. I took a photo of the barren wasteland over there to show you. But then I deleted it because I forgot what point it was trying to prove. I just thought it was an accidental, boring photo. It looks like the trees are about three weeks behind over there. Honest.

The other remarkable thing on Comm. Ave. is the two pots of Boston Strong yellow daffodils in blue pots (2013 Marathon colors) decorating almost every doorstep on both sides of the street, all the way from Arlington to Mass. Ave. They looked great, whether they were the only flowers on the steps or accompanying some beautifully planted urns.

I haven't found anything about the Great Marathon Daffodil Dispersal Initiative online anywhere, so if someone knows the story, please send me a link. But I suspect it all started at 5 Commonwealth Avenue, a vast, luxurious single-family that was all decked out, with a professionally printed Marathon tribute sign over the front door and pennants lining the fence:

I was more interested in their magnolia when I was taking photos that day; it was only as I walked along that I noticed all the potted daffodils and put two and two together. When I went back the next day to take more photos, all the Marathon decorations were down.

If you live near Boston, today is probably the best time to stroll down Comm. Ave. and drink in the fragrance as you try not to wipe out on fallen petals; many trees are just past peak. Or come a few weeks from now and walk the other side.

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  1. See here for info. about the marathon daffodils:


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