Monday, April 7, 2014

Packing Now

Something is wrong; everything fits in my suitcase. Even Toffee fits in my suitcase.

Tomorrow, I will have second thoughts, as I always do, and an hour before we leave for the airport, I will repack with many different things (and I hope not 20 tee shirts). And then things won't fit and that will be normal.

I haven't packed my carry-on. Maybe that's where things won't fit. Yes, that seems likely.

I have EIGHT current guidebooks. Why do they always weigh twice as much as other books? I am not bringing all of them, of course, but they all have their good points. The best is Access Paris, although it is overdue for a new edition (2008). That one is stuffed full of museum maps, commercial business cards, and printed napkins from my favorite boulangeries and patisseries (Gosselin for eclairs!). I have another good one: Secret Paris, full of interesting, unusual buildings, tiny museums and oddities. Those are coming for sure.

We're bringing dinner for the plane, as always. Ironically, we are having a buttered baguette from That Darned Patisserie (theirs don't make a lot of crumbs), along with chicken salad, which I have frozen, so it will be just the right temperature by the time we are in the air. Also grapes, apples, cheese, nuts, biscuits, and big bottles of l'eau.

I miss the cats already.

Tomorrow, I have errands to run, and more packing to do, and I also have to vacuum and clean up for the cat sitter, so she doesn't realize that the last time I bothered to dust was around the last time she was here. Which was Christmas. Oh, well. The cats dust lots of surfaces with their fluffy tails. And I've been busy with my kitten.

I'm not sure when I will post again since I'm not bringing my laptop, but I might manage a few lines with my husband's laptop if he's ever not using it. I will make up for lost time with photos later.

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  1. This armchair traveller looks forward to your photos....bon voyage!


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