Monday, April 28, 2014

Possum Doesn't Love Harper Lee

Possum has joined the many thousands of American cats who had to figure out for themselves that To Kill a Mockingbird has nothing whatsoever to do with how to murder birds.

"False advertising!" said the disappointed Possum, who had difficulty following the story, partly because he kept skipping ahead, hoping to get to the bird carnage and the hunting tips. He couldn't understand why Boo Radley was "different." He said Boo was the least mysterious character because his quiet, noble, reclusive behavior was the most catlike — in Possum's interpretation, Boo was a typical indoor cat. All the other characters talked too much, he said. And Possum always has trouble understanding race issues since cats don't care a bit about their fur colors, eliminating such problems entirely. 

However, there were just enough mentions of bugs throughout the story to hold his interest.

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