Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Very Late Postcards from Paris

Look what turned up in the mail... I think these are the last postcards from this trip. But I do want to tell you about various things that I saw people wearing. It would have been rude to take photos, so I'm going to have to rely on words. Horrors.

The Seine and its banks looking moody in the afternoon

A houseboat by the Pont des Arts with a flourishing container garden.

Written on this houseboat: "To say that the stars are the dew of heaven"  "to be continued"

Antiques are more... antiquated in Europe. And generally more precious and luxurious, too.

My grandparents had many hunting trophies. I felt right at home with these. 
(Well,maybe not the rhino.) My husband doesn't like them.

This wild-haired fellow at the corner café seemed very French, sitting outside on a chilly night.

Then he began gesturing to his iPhone.

A typical "translated" menu. Let's have the welcome salad and the salers burger.
In other words, surprise us. (I learned that "Salers" is a cattle breed and also a type of cheese)

Proud plaque on the wall of a workshop:
"The least productive producer of notebooks in the western world."

Fleuriste on the Ile Saint Louis. 
I often plan to buy flowers for our room, and then I don't.

It's nice to see a familiar face on the street.


  1. I'm curious what the Proust poster was advertising--a play? a movie? I'll be in Paris for a few days in the summer, can't wait to browse the antiques.


  2. Wonderful photos!
    re: your write up of Tour de France, yelp reviews of The Tannery are also a hoot - staff hitting on customers, racist rants, unprovoked fits of anger - it's all there. (I've never shopped there. I just read the reviews.)

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Angie, the Proust poster is advertising a one-man show or "spectacle" running through June 29: To see the poster up close:

    Anon: nothing that happens at the Tannery would surprise me! I will look forward to reading the reviews!


    PS This is the review link I mean ti send you. Enjoy!


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