Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Perfect Skirt

We spent this sunny afternoon walking around Brimfield, stepping carefully because mud was still everywhere from the rainy part of the week. I'll post a few of my favorite surrealist juxtapositions soon.

I have a new "uniform." It's this "Chic Denim Skirt," which went to Brimfield today. It goes everywhere and goes with everything:

It's from Boden, a British company that's been a favorite of mine for a few years. Like so many European companies and so few American ones, they make quality clothing you can easily wear after the age of 35, in classic but interesting styles. Skirts usually come in two lengths, for example, and are never ridiculously short to begin with. Tees are opaque and aren't going to hit the tops of your legs if you aren't 6 feet tall. They also make petite sizes if you aren't a towering 5'5", as I am nowadays. Sundresses are designed to hide bra straps. Nothing is frumpy, however. Their current styles often seem to be channeling Princess Kate.

Their clothing isn't cheap, but that's fine with me. They have plenty of special offers where you can save 15 to 25 percent with free shipping and returns. That how I do my shopping. You could try this code, for example: Z7Y8, which will get you 20 perfect off and free back and forth. If that one is gone, you can usually find another on

Americans used to have to order Boden clothing using British sizing, which is complicated since the numbering system is different. They use American sizing now but watch out — they have not succumbed to vanity sizing. I'm a 4 or 6 in American clothing but a 6 or 8 in Boden's American sizing — and something like an 8 or 10 in their  UK sizing. They list  garment measurements for most items, so it's easier to get the right fit. Or order two sizes and use the free returns label.

Everything, even sweaters and tees come in numerical sizing, rather than S-M-L. So you can tinker a lot with how things fit.

Check out Boden's ethical trade policy. Since I spend a lot of time worrying about where our cat food is coming from, I realized I also need to wonder about who is making my clothing. A company that's trying its best to monitor the conditions of their factories and suppliers, and has a clear policy against child labor is going to get my business, even if I have to pay a little more. 

I'll step out of the pulpit now and back into my skirt. It's great. I haven't had a jeans skirt I loved this much since high school. Now that I think back, that one might have been the best thing about that time of my life.

A denim skirt is the ideal alternative to jeans in warm weather. A good one is the definition of "chic" — it is flattering and looks great without ever trying too hard. It's understated — casual yet put-together — so you'll keep noticing someone in a good one and thinking, "Hmm... I could use one of those." And believe me, you can use this one. I've been wearing it almost non-stop for more than as week.

Most denim skirts are stiff and cut straight so that you either have trouble walking in them. Or they ride up to your rib cage no what you do. This one stays put. The fabric is soft, it's shaped slightly at the waist, and it flares slightly at the hem. You can walk like a Bostonian without any problem. It's also got four good pockets, and you can't say that about too many skirts. It comes in two lengths — and if you want one that's slightly shorter, they also make a Chic Denim Mini. that is not all that "mini." In fact, if you buy the "tall" denim mini it will hit you right around the knee, the same as the regular version of the "Chic Denim Skirt." You can check all the measurements and see for yourself.

Did I mention that it makes me look thinner? I look terrible in pencil skirts and I hate them anyhow. This is not a pencil skirt but it's slim enough to do what pencil skirts are alleged to do. I am pencilesque.

It comes in four denim fabrics: dark, worn, white, and washed with polka dots. I am living in the dark one, and when I finally have to take it off to wash it, I will switch to the off-white one, which I think is just as nice and a little more distinctive for summer:

If it looks like they are sold out of certain colors or sizes, keeping checking back. They restock often, unlike many online sellers.

My skirt and I are going to trot off to Trader Joe's now, before it closes.

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