Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Toffeebreak

Toffee is becoming more of a lap cat these days but he took a break from his busy napping schedule to demonstrate the correct way for a cat to lounge on a pillow. As you can see, he is using his head and his tennis shoes to brace himself comfortably against the arms of the chair, while holding onto the pillow with one paw. 

This reversible, half-moon pillow in purple, orange and green-gold was referred to affectionately as "the taco pillow" when I bought it on sale at Domain, a furniture store on Newbury Street that disappeared long ago. They were sorry to see the taco pillow go. I was sorry to see them go.

Later on, when we brought this loud paisley chair home from Crate and Barrel, we realized the taco pillow was a perfect match. And both now belong solely to Toffee, who likes to hang out in my husband's office, warbling and chirping conversationally to my husband when he's not asleep. (Am I referring to my husband or to Toffee being asleep? Or I am being deliberately ambiguous?)

Everyone (except my husband) likes to scratch this chair, and it's looking the worse for it these days. We try to stop them but I can't blame them for acting as the Taste Police this time. That paisley is raucous, and I plan to reupholster this chair with a smoother (less-tempting), more sophisticated fabric someday, after we move.

In the meantime, Toffee thinks it is the perfect foil for his tabby coat, since there is no way he can blend in with those crazy colors.

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