Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Weekend Off

Oh, boy, an entire weekend without racing around to different neighborhoods to ride the emotional roller-coaster of open houses — a much-needed break for us. But we've got an appointment to see a place on Tuesday, so more ups and downs lie ahead soon. I can't wait for this to be over after four crazy years of house-hunting. We've learned a lot of lessons (from a lot of failures) and we are SO ready to make a change. And summer is almost here, and I really want to grow tomatoes (among other things) in my first real garden... somewhere. I've been waiting to do that my whole adult life.

Since we don't have a summer house to open, either, we can spend the weekend hanging around with our cats, including some nap time with them. And of course, there'll be a long walk or two.

Possum at rest. This is also what Possum looks like when he's working.

Wendy, often the picture of contentment when she's not afraid she is About To Die.

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