Friday, May 30, 2014

Bits & Pieces

It's been a while since I offered you a sampling of interesting stuff on the Intertubes. Here are a few of Possum's favorites:

§  Historic crime and disaster scenes in New York, then and now — but at the same time. Adam Gaffin at Universal Hub reposted this NYDN story recently, and decided to recreate some Boston scenes himself, with equally dramatic results.

Photo: Marc A. Hermann, Charles Payne.
New York Daily News.  Published 08/8/2013 

§  What not to do in Paris. I knew most of this but not all of it. I have probably hugged people in the process of doing the awkward "kiss-kiss," making the whole thing even awkwarder, but at least they were friends. I had no idea about the hands-above-the-table rule, either. I've been practicing here and it's hard!

§ This stripes and cut of this stretchy knit summer dress from Boden do nice things for the less-than-perfect figure. It's very comfortable, and it's 25 percent off (with free shipping and returns right now). I ordered it in the longer length so the skirt is swishier. Boden helpfully lists measurements for every size. Possum can't wait to get fur all over it.

§  Every weekend, two anonymous advertising/graphic design students from NYU sneak into a classroom, get busy with chalk and a blackboard, and create masterpieces.

§  My favorite real-estate porn site is Old House Dreams.  Check out this incredible Queen Anne Victorian currently for sale in Central Massachusetts, but be warned: it is going to fill you with lust, longing, and despair, not only because it is perfect but because it is missing a zero at the end of its price. And there aren't even photos of the pool or the interior of the equally lovely three-story carriage house. Possum is agitating hard for us to move to the middle of nowhere:

Want. But it's so big I'd have to rent children.

§  Stop bothering with this silly blog and start wasting all of your time at Be sure to visit the Don't Be a Tourist section, featuring "Secret Paris" and lots of other fascinating stuff.  Possum is horrified that I just wrote that. He can't survive without his fan base, he's says. Come back, come back!

You said WHAT?


  1. I've been on a Boden kick as well, lately.... having blown about $500 on summer clothes from them. Sadly I am not having much luck with the dresses... I've had to send two back including the beautiful-looking Amelie, which ended up making me look positively dumpy. I was so sad. The Erin is one I've had my eye on as a possible alternative and I had just about talked myself out of it until I saw it again in this post. Maybe I'll give it a try.

    Another great one is the Easy T-shirt dress. I got that one and LOVE IT to pieces. Lots of compliments on it. I'd highly recommend it!

    1. Massive Boden kick here, too! Similar amount of $$ damage, and thank goodness for the free returns. The Erin dress is the opposite of dumpy. I just ordered it one size up to make sure I have the best fit, but those diagonal stripes do useful things. I like it best below the knee. I'm going to look at the T-shirt dress.... I like the Essential tees a lot. And I'm wearing one of my two Chic denim skirts right now, as usual.


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