Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy May

We didn't spend yesterday frolicking around the Maypole with flowers in our hair. We didn't spend it spring cleaning. We didn't plant anything, and we didn't swap our winter and summer clothing. Most of us will continue to wear our fur coats for the foreseeable:

Harris recovers after galloping around after the red laser dot.

Possum did mark the 1st of May by uncharacteristically chasing the red laser-pointer dot for about 15 seconds, while Toffee, Harris, and Lion took a break. This was more exercise than Possum has had in a long time, aside from briefly playing chase with one of the youngsters. He was out of practice with the red dot, and his moves could not be described as lithe, swift, predatory, or even cat-like. I thought he most resembled a tiny, overweight moose. His antics didn't last long enough to capture on camera, so you will have to use your imagination.

Today, I was prepared to document him, but he ignored the laser dot, as he has done every day except yesterday.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Harry! May you catch the red dot tomorrow.
    Totally off topic, sort of.
    Have you tried the Trader Joe's Ginger Cats Cookies (for people)?? They are great. Lots of ginger flavor and crunchy. I was very pleasantly surprised. Except now I cant seem to keep the tub lid on, it keeps coming off and calling to me.


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