Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Last Night on the Esplanade

Yesterday, strong sunshine, humidity, and temperatures in the 80s fooled us into thinking that summer had arrived with the first lilacs. I made plans to swap our cool- and warm-weather clothing soon. It was a perfect evening to walk along the Charles, where the breeze was soft and refreshing instead of freezing for a change.

Cherry trees in bloom along the lagoon. 

It wasn't a remarkable sunset, but even an okay Charles River sunset is still pretty good.

Later last night, a wind came up and the temperature dropped 30 degrees, into the 50s. (For the record, this happens every time I decide to swap our seasonal clothing.) It was good sleeping weather after all. And today felt more like March than May: chilly, damp, breezy, gray. Procrastination paid off: my sweaters and boots were still handy. We'll see what season tomorrow will bring.

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